A few days ago, Attila Vágó published an interesting post about the progress of his stories on Medium. According to his experience, there are some Saturdays that record a peak in readers. It is a phenomenon that occurs with a certain regularity, and that also drags Sundays up. Intrigued by this data, I decided to take a look at my statics.

I lined up the various data of the days of the week, dividing them into groups of 4 weeks, starting with my first post (in the summer of 2021). I have not indicated the absolute values, because they do not interest me in this context. However, I must specify that they are much less than those of Attila. Also the quality of his pieces is higher than my posts. This is the chart of the data:

Well, what can I say? In my case there is no anomaly in the progress of the views. They follow a wave pattern, peaking on Wednesday. Over time, the overall views tend to increase, following a trend of their own. They don’t seem related to the days of the week in which I publish the articles or even to the number of stories published.

    Stories Views
2021 July 4 88
2021 August 0 295
2021 September 3 330
2021 October 6 790
2021 November 3 2213
2021 December 18 5624
2022 January 7 5424
2022 February 6 5093
2022 March 0 7216
2022 April 0 6758
2022 May 4 7141
2022 June 0 7661
2022 July 0 7521
2022 August 5 8646
2022 September 0 6407
2022 October 7 7930

It’s obviously not a very large sample. And many of the stories were released in December, driven by DevAdvent.

To complicate things a bit are also the topics covered. In recent months I have talked about many things, from JavaScript to Svelte through some reviews. And now I’m focused on how to create images with Artificial Intelligence.

Then nothing. This post is just my note on the Attila hypothesis. This is just my experience, and nothing more.