My plan for 2021 is to publish a new template for Construct 3 every 15 days. My project is to publish on github on the 15th and 30th of each month. I also want to write a summary post with my considerations. Obviously I’m already late: D

My first prototype for Construct 3 of 2021 is Typo Battle. It’s a very simple game. Alphabet letters fall from above, you have to press the corresponding key on the keyboard to make them explode.

typo battle animation

The prototype is not very funny. The difficulty is too high. But it was a useful experiment to learn a few things. This is the game code:

The main sheet contains less than 20 events. There are also some additional sheets in which I implemented the necessary functions. I tried to keep the code clean, I think I have succeeded enough. However, there are some unused functions I can’t still decide whether to delete or not.

During the development of this project I noticed some problems in my working method.

  • I don’t keep track of ideas
  • consequently I forget the ideas
  • I reject alternative routes a priori to solve a problem: I do not leave my comfort zone
  • I don’t test my code frequently enough

From a less technical point of view, I’m basically not using social media to advertise my experiments. This could be an issue in the future.

That said, it’s time for links: