After Dream Studio, I decided to test Lexica Art, another Stable Diffusion project, which allows you to search for images and create images from text. It’s less customizable than Dream Studio, but it’s easier to use and, above all, it’s free.

It is a recent but very promising project. It was born as a search engine for images generated by Artificial Intelligence but it is something more.

The interface is simple: a search bar, and below the results previews.

Also in this test I used the text Duomo Square in Milan, by night, with a spiral galaxy in the sky, van gogh. As you can easily see, there are many results, some really interesting, some not so. But all the fruit of Artificial Intelligence.

As a comparison we can try to search the same thing with Google Images:

Google finds fewer images, and less interesting.

But this is not the only strong point of Lexica Art. For each image we can see the source text, the seed and the Classifier Free Guidance scale.

This is the same information you need to recreate a similar image with Dream Studio. Which means you can use Lexica Art to search for images, understand how to use text, analyze seeds. Lexica is a huge database of reference, and study material on how Artificial Intelligence works.

For example, if we click on explore this style we see a gallery of similar images

This is already a valid reason to use Lexica Art, but there is more. It is also possible to create images from text. And this is really interesting. If we click on the Generate button we can see some options:

They are less options than in Dream Studio, it is not possible to choose the number of iterations and the number of images generated (they are always 4). But you can choose the image size, the Classifier Free Guidance scale and the seed.

Generating takes some time (about 20 seconds), but the result is really interesting. And best of all, you can save the image and use it for personal purposes.

In my opinion Dream Studio is slightly more powerful, but Lexica Art is simpler to use and best of all, it’s free.

There is another thing I really like about Lexica Art: you can save your favorite images in a personal gallery. By clicking My Likes you can access your gallery:

But it’s not over yet. There is one more thing I like. You can upload an image and use it as a basis for creating more. I try with a rubber duck:

The results are a bit strange, but somehow related to the starting image. Using other images the result is better.

So to conclude, Lexica Art is a great project, it’s a fun experience and allows you to make interesting things.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more.