When I started experimenting with AI image creation, my wife was immediately intrigued. She is passionate about handcrafted jewelry and asked me if it was possible to create images of jewelry using Artificial Intelligence. She is not interested in the precision of the details. She is quite interested in exploring new sources of inspiration.

I want to talk about this issue in a future post; I think he’s right, and that it’s possible to use this software as a source of inspiration, study and testing. So, today I will try to create different jewelry designs with AI, following the theme of some of the contests and competitions she has entered. These are my ideas for the Semplici Bijoux 2022 contest.

Round 1: Mondrian earrings

The first part of the contest is the creation of a jewel based on a painting. I chose Mondrian. So I want to get square earrings, with a color palette limited to red, blue, white, yellow and black. I also want to have some right angles, like the ones you can find in Mondrian paintings.

I use the prompt

white box commercial photography of a squared earrings jewel, mondrian, red blue white yellow black, 8 k, hires close up, high aperture, white background, pinterest, artstation

I get a gallery of juicy ideas.

Out of all, I like this template, it’s simple, clean and definitely recalls the artist

But among the various creations, AI has occasionally offered me some round creations. Which isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Mondrian. But they promise to be interesting.

Claudia, my wife, has decided that this is her favourite

It is also interesting to see how the AI manages to create jewels that are not perfect, but have small imperfections. This is an aspect that I really like, because this is exactly what makes a jewel unique and special.

Because I’m curious as a monkey, I also tried to see what Mondrian-themed necklaces I can create.

Round 2: Musical Groups

The second phase of the contest is the creation of a jewel based on a musical group. I chose Metallica. The jewel I want to obtain must have references to their colors: blue, black and silver. In this stage I want to create a bracelet and a ring.

I use the prompt

stunning magic bracelet, diamonds, poison, blue and black, mist, engraving, d & d, item, graphic, close - up, design, shimmer, artbook, page, detailed, trending on artstation, cgsociety, greg rutkowski and thomas kinkade and moebius

The AI manages to create beautiful rings

My favorite is this:

I like the bracelets less. The AI is probably trained to match metal bands with fantasy imagery. This makes it a little more difficult to find ideas that can be implemented in reality. However, there are some interesting images:

Round 3: Cinema Divas

Also for the last phase I steal my wife’s idea, so I try to create a jewel inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. In this case the predominant color is purple.

I use the prompt

intricate! organic, nordic wedding ring, necklace, gemstones, purple, dreamy background, 3 d, refraction, occlusion, lower and upper levels, keyshot render, octane render, vray render, Elizabeth Taylor

I have to admit that the AI did a great job. I found many interesting ideas, mostly minimalist:

Of all of them, my favorite is the simplest:


Well, I’d say the experiment yielded some interesting results. Even with little experience, it is possible to use this tool to create designs to be used as a basis for subsequent elaborations. Obviously, jewelry creation is not my field, but I believe that the ideas generated by Artificial Intelligence are achievable, more or less, in an artisanal way.